Security and Certificates

Suwem products are tested and proved to be safe according to European Union standard En-747.  Suwem has a certificate given out by TÜV/GS. TÜV („Technischer Überwachungs-Verein” – translated as Union of Technician supervision) is an independent union of private organisations containing experts who focus on certifying different transportation, production and other products by testing and experimenting.

Abrevation in Germany –  GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit) – means tested for safety.  The sign GS proves that the product responds to the safety regulations (GPSG) that are set by i.e. unions rules for avoiding accidents, DIN-s and European standards or other approved regulation meakers.

Also all materials used for finishing are safe and respond to certificate EN71-3.

Year 2014 we renewed the safety certificate and our products are continuously supported by TÜV requirements.

Funding was supported by EAS.

TÜV certificate 2014 (pdf)

Please see here how the bed got tested in Germany for TÜV (Rheinland Product Safety GmbH).

Products in testing were high beds, models F40 ja F43 and bed F15.

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