A children´s room should first of all be simple and functional, it makes it easy to keep tidy.

Efficient storerooms

High and narrow (Horma serie), but not deep cupboards are a good and practical solution for a child´s room. A narrow cupboard makes most things visible and easy to find – for example, books or clothes will not get hided behind each other– unlike in a deep cupboard. A narrow and high door is easy to open even for a smaller child, because pinewooddoors are light and quality hinges open and close quietly.

The door knob for a high dooris high enough to keep very small children from reaching it. Every high cupboard has a fixing for attaching it safely to the wall.

Corner closet´s great feature – possibility to choose the closet´s size and function!

Corner wardrobe (Horma art.9457) is mainly for hanging clothes – it comes with 2 wooden hangers, which you can attach to 4 different hights. Shelf, which has 3 different ways of attachment (low, in the middle, high), can be used to place larger things. The narrower cupboards that can be placed next to the corner closet, have a high door, a semi-high door and a bottom part with shelves to choose from. These cupboards can be added to the corner closet as you wish and need – that way you can combine a suitably sized set for you. Narrow cupboards can be connected with a wooden lath, which can also be colored if you wish, similarly to the top sock-lath or the small shelf panel – that way you can add color nuances to the cupboard. You can also add a small colored separating shelf to the opened part, which makes the outcome even more colorful.

Under-the-bed shelves:

A smart storeroom for e.g toys – that way you can get to playing fast and easy! The child can do what they want in their room and later clean things up easily and roll the shelves on wheels under the bed easily.

Semi-high compartment under the bed is a nice place for playing or for shelves.

Build a cosy nest with a soft mattress under the bed, you will only think of good thoughts while you are lying down there. On the other side you can place shelves where you can put anything you need – or turn it into a real dollhouse? Put some curtains around the bed and you can be inside a castle or a fort…

You cannot find two children´s rooms that are alike – every child is unique and wants a specially decorated room just for them.

Colorful and fun separated products can bring excitement to the room and are also practical: e.g rack, rack

shelf or clock. If you put many different colored racks on your wall, you can choose where exactly you want to hang your things every day according to your mood.

A small shelf on top of the rack helps you organize exhibitions of your drawings or you can hold your tiny toys on it.

Wide floor surface, enough space for running and a tabletop that is free from toys – these are the most important things in a children´s room. That way, no game is left unplayed.

A comfortable little desk, where the surface is only for drawing, and a rack-shelf attached above the desk, where pencils and brushes are safely stored – this is every child´s dream. Knobs on the rack-shelf are perfect for hanging something fun on them.

For example, you can hold your bed-buddies there (dolls, books or your favorite car).

Get yourself and your friends aqcuainted with a natural colorgamma – it creates a peaceful/tranquil mood in the room.

Lighter tones bring more light and space into the room. Partial security boundary and smaller shelf panels can add some darkness into the room. Toys are so fun and colorful – create a cosy one-colored background for them, you can see them even better that way. Too many colors in a room can make your child restless. As the child grows, you may want to give up the security boundaries or the slide/latter. That is why it is fun to have the color accentuating the room at first. Later you can choose new colors that are more suitable for the child´s age and the room looks new again.

Even more important than the toys you own, is the joy of feeling cosy in the children´s room and fun in playing.